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Team Member

By joining us as a team member, it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to gain valuable experience in customer service and improve their skillset. Our team works together to create a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience for our guests, and each member plays a vital role in making that happen. As a team member, you will have the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis, learn how to handle difficult situations, and develop your communication and problem-solving skills. Additionally, working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment like a restaurant can help you learn how to multitask and stay organized. Overall, being a part of our team is a great way to gain valuable experience and grow as a professional, while also being a part of a supportive and friendly team.


Open the door to endless opportunities for growth and a truly unforgettable hospitality experience.

Our Stores:




2G The Palladio,
Mandurah, WA 6210
+61 8 9595 2131

Hillarys Boat Harbour,
Southside Dr, Hillarys, WA 6025
+61 8 9448 7669

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