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Halloween Fun!

Trick-or Treat! Are you looking to celebrate halloween this year? What better place to celebrate than the best family restaurant in Perth! This Halloween we have a SPOOKY treat for the families. In celebration of the spookiest holidays around, we invite the kids to dress up in their favourite disguise to receive Free Chips!

Halloween is a very special holiday for kids as they get to wear spooking costumes of their favourite characters. This tradition of Halloween has been passed on to us for generations and to keep its true spirits alive!

Halloween is suppose to be a time for the kiddos to express their true spooky, and dress up as anything they'd like, enjoying fun games, treats, and giggles. Halloween allows the kids to become whoever or whatever they'd like, and have a laugh with their friends all while doing it, and now with our new promotion, we TREAT them to free chips in thanks to making The Shack a spookier place.

Can't wait to see your spookiest costumes!

Bradley Wright

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