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Eat, Play, Win!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Ever wanted to bring back your childhood memories and play arcade games? Well our customers will have access to our games for FREE.

Not only for the little ones to enjoy

All our prized customers have a chance to unwind and play as many games as you choose at our restaurants.

Not only can you enjoy our delicious meals and daily discounts, but we also offer fun after-dessert games!

Time to unwind and enjoy!

Let the games begin!

We wanted to give a thanks to our amazing customers, and give you all a chance to unwind and enjoy. At The Local Shack you can enjoy a competitive game of pool, shoot hoops with your buddies, spin your heart away with foosball and more!

Don’t miss out on the fun. Come by and enjoy!

Hope to see you at the hoops!

Bradley Wright

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