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Our Legends Program

Here at The Local Shack we believe in giving back to the community, especially to the kiddos. So we have created a program that encourages the kids to participate in clubs and sports.

So what does The Legends Program entail?

One participate is picked as our player of the week, and gets a special certificate to show off for their hard work and participation. The weekly winner receives a certificate as an encouragement award and kids redeem it at any Local Shack branch. We have found that this program helps promote participation and build confidence through recognition on a weekly basis.

Our program has done amazing so far, as of January of 2021 up to date, we have already given a total of 37,352 Certificates to different Sporting Clubs and Schools in Perth. We have onboarded a Total of 344 Clubs/Schools since then, and continuously growing.

What are the key rules of the certificates? (Yes, its this simple)

1. The certificates are for players 12 years or younger only.

2. Certificates cannot be redeemed by adults for themselves.

3. Dine in only, cannot takeaway

4. Multiple certificates are allowed at once

Additionally, we also have Winners of the Month, where we randomly choose our Club Winners and Junior Winners for every Shack Store. We have launched this Program last June of this year.

The Club Winner receives $250 Cash Prize and The Junior Winner receives $50 golden ticket check for an Exclusive lunch or dinner with his family and can be redeemed at any Local Shack Stores.

We are so proud of all of our winners, and thankfully for all the clubs and schools who have joined us in our mission to promote hard work, participations, and most importantly encouraging the young ones to go out and have fun!

We can't wait for you to join the fun!

Bradley Wright

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