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Restaurants and technology during COVID-19

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The Local shack and Alta Intelligence have teamed up to implement Business and Marketing Intelligence technology applied to restaurants, to improve The Local Shack’s overall revenue growth, customer loyalty and increase it’s member base

By utilizing BI and Data The Local Shack was able to triple it’s member base, increase online reservations, overall sales, profitability and customer satisfaction during COVID in under 12 months as well as improving it’s web and social presence through the creation of “creativity based on data”

Using Business Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence a powerful POS & Marketing platforms, Social media, SEO, and cutting edge Digital Marketing strategies The Local Shack has transformed the way restaurants grow, operate and improve performance when moving into digital automation and rich customer engagement

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the restaurant chain as it positions itself for explosive growth across Australia and Internationally

Historically, restaurants have been managing Marketing, Customer Experience and analytics manually and on paper. Digitizing and adding Intelligence to the CX lifecycle significantly increases performance across all channels and increases the bottom line “Lucas Debarbieri - COO Alta Intelligence”’

Initial findings suggest that the restaurant chain has increased it’s marketshare and it’s brand value drastically using our technology and with the help of our expert analysts and strategists, we help The Local Shack connect openly to customers with the help of our industry leading Marketing engine

Thousands of restaurants and retailers around Australia – from single store operators to national and international brands – need BI & Marketing tools, proper Digital marketing and SEO to improve their operations, increase productivity, maximize profit and revenue and increase exposure.

We have partnered with Alta Intelligence to continue to bring The Local Shack at the forefront of the digital era, connecting families and you to your favorite food. “Bradley Wright - CEO The Local Shack”

- Bradley Wright

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