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Indulge in Our New Set of Cocktails

Sip, Savor, and Elevate Your Experience with Our Captivating Cocktail Creations!

Experience Shacktastic Delights – Dive into Our Irresistible Menu!

Indulge in mouthwatering dishes crafted just for you. Download the My Shack App for more offers!

Down­load the My Shack Loyalty App


Our  My Shack Loyalty App offers amazing rewards for our members, including mates rates, free surprises on your special day and regular points to use towards future visits.


Come for a burger, stay for a drink.

Available in Google Play and App Store
Available in Google Play and App Store

Discover Your Next Favourite Bite at The Local Shack


Nestled in the vibrant Dolphin Quay, The Local Shack is a beacon for burger lovers and waffle enthusiasts alike. Our menu has gourmet burgers that are expertly prepared using the best ingredients available in the area to satisfy your palate. Each visit promises an adventure in flavour, making us one of the must-visit burger places in Hillarys, Western Australia.

Online Food Ordering Service

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is vital. That's why The Local Shack has embraced the digital age, offering an online food ordering service in Australia. Whether craving a late-night snack or planning a lunch gathering, your next meal is just a few clicks away. Our streamlined ordering method guarantees that your cuisine will be delivered promptly, still steaming, and prepared to be savoured.

Artisanal Waffles and More

Venturing beyond burgers, our waffle maker in Perth crafts golden, crispy waffles, creating the perfect base for various toppings. From sweet indulgences to savoury delights, our waffles are a testament to our dedication to culinary imagination. The Local Shack is more than just a burger bar restaurant; it's a place where every dish is a masterpiece.

Visit Us Today

Ready for an unforgettable dining experience? Visit The Local Shack at Dolphin Quay, or explore our menu online. From the bustling burger scene in Hillarys, Western Australia, to our innovative approach to online food ordering, we are dedicated to serving up moments of joy, one meal at a time. Join us and explore the unique qualities distinguishing us from other burger restaurants. We are not simply a typical eatery but a sought-after destination for enthusiasts of fine cuisine.

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