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The Local Shack Mandurah

Mandurah Table Reservation

Shop3, The Palladio, Dolphin Quay, Western Australia 6210

The Local Shack Hillarys

Hillarys Table Reservation

58 Southside Dr, Hillarys, Wester Australia, 6025

Reserve Your Table for an Unmatched Dining Experience


Securing a table at your favourite dining spot has always been challenging. With our streamlined table reservation system in Mandurah and Hillarys, you can look forward to a hassle-free experience at The Local Shack. Our reservation process is designed for your convenience, ensuring you enjoy your meal without the wait.


Effortless Booking in Mandurah


Our table reservation at Mandurah feature allows you to choose the date and time that works best for you, making every visit seamless and memorable. Your table will be available whether it is a family event or a casual supper with friends.


Hillarys Welcomes You


Our table reservations at Hillarys service ensure your spot is secured at one of the most sought-after dining locations. Enjoy the ambience and our delectable menu without worrying about finding a table. It's the perfect way to guarantee a great outing, complete with the flavours and service you love.


How to Reserve


Reserving a spot is simple. Please visit our website, The Local Shack Reservations, and choose your preferred location. You can guarantee that your eating experience is tailored to your convenience and personal preferences by clicking a few times. Bid farewell to queuing and welcome prompt seats upon your arrival.


Ready When You Are


Our commitment to providing a memorable dining experience extends to our reservation system. We acknowledge the importance of your time and endeavour to ensure that each visit is valuable. By offering table reservations at both Mandurah and Hillarys, we ensure that your meal is enjoyed in comfort and style.

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